The large rock sculpture was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to make.

wpid-20140828_140648.jpgM is for Museum – M – M – Museum.

Imagine eating lunch next to that gorgeous sculpture?  We have a local outdoor sculpture museum that offers a free day each month during the summer.  And we took advantage of it.

It is a huge space, with acres of beautiful looming sculptures that you can appreciate from afar or close up.  While the mini-ions aren’t encouraged to touch them, there is so much room for them to run around that it mostly isn’t a problem.  It gives me a chance to walk through and soak in some culture that I’m desperately missing, while not having to worry too much about the havoc the mini-ions are causing.

wpid-20140828_120733.jpgAnd it is breathtaking to me, to take in these sculptures while Mini-ion #2 marches between trees, singing an ode to her carrot stick.  While most people take in these art pieces in perspective to their space, the season and the effects of nature, I get an added perspective, the mini-ions reaction as well.  Most of the sculptures they felt looked like giant playgrounds, occasionally they had some amusing interpretations as well.

wpid-20140828_120040.jpgAnd then, of course, the opportunity for some sibling love.

I easily hit 10,000 steps on my pedometer that day.  With many sections left to explore, we’re looking forward to next summer.

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