He wanted to fly a kite, but it was over his head

Kite flyingK is for Kite – K – K – Kite

I’ve never promised to be a blogger that showcases perfect accomplishments, and today’s post falls right in line.

In the mini-ions’ and my alphabet summer, flying a kite was the perfect “K” activity.  But I nearly quite writing this blog because of it.  Not because I didn’t have the kite, which I had one for each mini-ion, a birthday gift.  I think I just wasn’t mentally interested in it.

Finally, one day after our fall playgroup registration, one of the mom’s I was talking to was telling me how following the registration, she was taking her 3 year old and 6 month old to fly kites.  I knew I had no excuse.  She finally pushed me over the edge of “blegh” to get out there and do it.

a little bit of airI took advantage of Mini-ion #2 asleep in the car to assemble the two kites.  There wasn’t much wind, but there was a storm brewing, so I had hopes.  Mini-ion #1 was moderately interested in it while I tried to get some air.  I didn’t get much (see picture for my impressive height), but Mini-ion #1 got the idea of how to do it.  Mini-ion #2 woke and while I tried to get her kite up in the sky, Mini-ion #1 tripped over his kite string, on the driveway, and badly skinned his knew.  And……there went our kite flying adventure.  He laid on the couch for the next half hour crying intermittently about the significant pain radiating from his knee.  Then was magically healed enough to go get a snack.

I haven’t been mentally interested in it since.

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4 Responses to He wanted to fly a kite, but it was over his head

  1. aviets says:

    Bummer. Kites aren’t my thing, either. But you have plenty of things that ARE your thing. 🙂

  2. RobbyeFaye says:

    LOL, sympathizing!

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