Riding the escalator is a step up from always walking on the same level

Deep breath.  I’m back.

Recently I was taking a friend to her physical therapy appt.  This was another mom I met through my mom’s group, and when we met, it was like her “mom soul” hugged my “mom soul”.  When she fell, broke her hip and found that a blood cancer was the reason for this broken hip, she needed a little escorting help and I was happy to use the weekly time my father-in-law has the mini-ions, to drive her to one of her appointments.

It was in the waiting room that I found a spare copy of the New Yorker.  Say what you will about the political leanings of the magazine, I just like appreciating the stories.  One story was from David Sedaris, a comedic writer I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading in the past, giving his take on having one of those step trackers.

It was really interesting for me because Dear Husband has one on his phone and has been encouraging me to download the app on my iphone.

Fast forward to this week – I’ve had my iphone for over two years, very happily.  One day the speakers quit playing music.  But, ok, this is a phone.  And it is slow.  But, this is a phone.  Randomly text message alerts wouldn’t sound.  But, still, this is a phone. Then, I had a hard time hearing sound on a phone call – ok, time for a new phone.  Longer story, just long, I ended up getting the new Samsung phone that has a pedometer included.

After two days, I totally get Sedaris’s point of view.  I have a goal of 10,000 steps, and actually kept busy trying to increase my steps.  I don’t have time to charge this phone because I need to keep it in my pocket to count more steps.  I almost feel a slight anxiety when I take steps that aren’t being counted.  I’ve already caught up to my steps yesterday (despite yesterday deliberately walking a sleeping baby that was content to just lay there and needed no consoling).

Only 3,500 steps left and I’ll hit my goal.  It helped that I very unsuccessfully tried to fly kites today.  This feels largely ridiculous, almost unattainable, but I just don’t want to stop myself.  Have you ever tried this?

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