When the baby toy manufacturer failed, it rattled the entire industry

new survival scenarioWe’ve instituted a new survival scenario.  Scenario toys – moving them all to the basement.

We have this great big basement in which we only use about half of it for storage.  We have plans to renovate it for living space, in the future, when we have money (which brings the page with all my amazon affiliate links to mind).

We also have two very loved mini-ions, who have been graciously showered with toys.  And the room that used to house all their toys, the fireplace and Dear Husband’s and my desks was becoming like a war zone.

After cleaning out the remains of our water damaged goods from the fire, we brought the great majority of their toys down to the basement for full, unencumbered playtime for them.  They can mix and mingle toys at will.  Mini-ion #2 can dump out every bucket she finds.  Mini-ion #1 has enough blocks and room to make large metropolitan areas for his cars to drive around.

We’ve left a couple of my very favorite toys upstairs as they’ll still want to play with some toys near us, but for now, they are free to roam. And they have been pulling out toys they haven’t played with in a long time, also playing with old favorites in new ways.

It has turned out to be fantastic.  Mini-ion #2 is starting to play by herself, which is brand new.  We hear frequent giggles and screams (which are generally resolved by the time one of them makes it upstairs).  And, away from home, the mini-ions seem to have a closer bond, looking out for each other.

I won’t ever expect it to look like that picture unless I make it happen.  Every so often I’ll go down, remove the broken toys, sweep up debris, and let them have at it again.

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