He brought his umbrella to the ice cream truck in case of a chance of sprinkles

Ice Cream TruckI is for Ice Cream Truck – I – I – Ice Cream Truck

Is there anything more quintessentially summer than an ice cream truck?  And this time, I didn’t tell the mini-ions that when you hear the song, the truck is empty!

Where I lived until I was 15, in northwestern PA, they didn’t have ice cream trucks, so I didn’t know about the phenomenon until we moved to Connecticut.  I still remember the first time I heard the song and I looked quizzically at my parents, and they both laughed and told me what it was.  Even not knowing what it contained, I was drawn to it.  And so are the mini-ions.  So, really, for their protection so they don’t go running in the street, I tell them when they hear the song the truck is empty.

This time the truck was parked.  I encouraged Dear Husband to go take the mini-ions to some shade and I stood in the long, hot line, deliberately punishing myself for the times I had lied to the children for my own convenience.  I didn’t let them see the selections so they weren’t choosing cartoon characters over flavors.  They happily enjoyed their vanilla soft serve with sprinkles while we giggled and smiled together as a family.  That’s the summers are supposed to be, right?


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