A psychiatrist on a hike fell into a depression

hikingH is for Hiking – H – H – Hiking

This summer has been a exceeding our expectations in so many ways.  Each activity we’ve tried out, we’ve gone into it with very low expectations, which have just been blown out of the water.  One of those was hiking.

We had no idea if it would go well so we started with the easiest hike imaginable.  The mini-ions LOVED IT!  We both had tears in our eyes seeing how much they enjoyed it.

Over the course of two days, we did three hikes, ones that Dear Husband has done many times through the course of his lifetime.  From the very onset, we heard the echoes of his parents in our voices when we asked the mini-ions not to go too far.  Their exuberance was easy to catch on to and keep us going.

The mini-ions have two different styles of hiking.  Mini-ion #1 is very similar to what I hear my dear husband was like.  He likes to run up ahead, run back to us, kick a rock or two, then run ahead again.

I’m not sure where Mini-ion #2 gets her style from, but she owns it.  She likes to find rocks, branches, hills, inclines, etc, then jump off of them.  I think if it was available, she would hop the entire trail, like a frog hopping from lily pad to lily pad.

Regardless of style, it was a joy to watch them enjoy nature this way and an activity we are sure to repeat this summer and for years to come.


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One Response to A psychiatrist on a hike fell into a depression

  1. aviets says:

    Such fun! And your kids will have those great memories forever. 🙂

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