Those who throw dirt are sure to lose ground

growing tomato plantsG is for Gardening – G – G – Gardening.

I had hopes to be extolling many tales of our bountiful garden.  Instead, I will tell you about the soup kitchen my garden has become to one family of groundhogs.  Decimating nearly everything……the mini-ions bean plants, the carrots, parsley, celery, pumpkins and dill.  Significant nibbles on the blueberry plants starting to grow.

So maybe this should be g is for groundhog.

One series of plants remain, and that is my tomato plants.  If you’ve followed my posts, you’ll see that I started seeds from scratch using recycled materials and a lamp, nearly killed them, repotted them and got them in the ground.  Of all the things I’ve planted in my garden, the garlic, onions and tomatoes are surviving.  25 of 30 plants survived and 22 of those plants have a huge amount of tomatoes on them.

I wish I could make this post more about how the mini-ions have helped me in this adventure.  It’s true, they’ve helped stir up dirt (and then Mini-ion #2 put it in her mouth and I shoo’d them both out of the garden).  They did lovingly plant sunflower seeds, which got eaten by birds.  They transplanted their beans from the playgroup, which got eaten by the groundhogs.  They planted more beans, which got eaten by the groundhogs.  They’ve tried, and now they play outside while I worry over my tomatoes.

I have big plans for these tomatoes!  And we’re starting to humanely trap the groundhogs and move them to a better location.

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3 Responses to Those who throw dirt are sure to lose ground

  1. aviets says:

    Wow, a trap big enough to catch a groundhog would be one darned big trap! We use humane traps to catch the chipmunks that burrow under and ruin our porch, and that’s big enough for me!

    • It is! I caught a squirrel in it the other day and it was a little unnerving to activate the release to let him out. I can’t even imagine what dear husband went through releasing the groundhog!

      • aviets says:

        I’m thankful our son handles all the trapping and releasing. He fancies himself a reincarnation of Steve Irwin, so we can delegate all the wild animal work to him.

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