The compulsive fisherman was really hooked on fishing

trying fishingF is for Fishing – F – F – Fishing

I’ve never had an interest in fishing.  I find it quite smelly.  Dear husband was quite horrified when I told him I had never been fishing.  He even asked my dad, who said he didn’t like fishing.  I never felt deprived.

But, when we find ourselves killing some time with some friends by a large pond, and these friends pull out fishing rods, we try fishing!

To answer the big question everyone is wondering, no, we didn’t catch anything.  But we did participate in an age old hobby.  Mini-ion #1 got pretty excited doing it and is now fully primed for when Dear husband takes him on an official trip.  You know, in all that free time between working, mowing the lawn and random projects around the house.

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