Long fairy tales have a tendency to dragon

We were recently at a Woodland Fairy birthday party, hosted by long time friends of ours.  The mom is so creative with her party ideas, that I begged her to share her party because it was so cute.  I really didn’t have to beg, she gave me the “of course” halfway into my sales pitch because she’s just a nice person like that.  I hope I do it justice!

fairy gardenTheir backyard is up against some woods, which helped set the scene.  As you walked in, they had this adorable little set up at the base of one of the trees.  I should have probably taken the picture from a little further back so you got a better understanding of the scale, but it was too cute not to get close. What’s more, this little fairy garden was a bit of foreshadowing for what was to come.
entering the fairy zoneTowards the back of the property, there were some stepping stones that led to the bridge to the wooded area.  By crossing over the bridge, you almost felt like you were heading in to the fairy zone.  As you approached the bridge, you could see there was a path to take.  Crossing over the bridge, you started to really sense that you were in a mystical place where magic could exist.  J-the mom, as she brought us over the bridge, told us to keep an eye out for a sleeping gnome and hidden fairies (and each child received a homemade fairy as their gift – I’ll show a picture below).
woodland tea party As we followed the path, what did we stumble upon?  A Woodland Tea Party!  Tree stumps for chairs over a large tree stump as a table.  The birthday girl graciously poured us perfectly sized cups of tea (which made Mini-ion #2 say, “yumm” then “yucky”.  I think she’s still trying to figure out what she likes).  Adorableness, right?

Mini-ion #1 found his fairy en route to the tea party.  While I enjoyed my tea, Mini-ion #2 searched and found her fairy, all on her own.  She was even able to pull it off the tree herself (all the practicing of removing ornaments at Christmas!).

woodland fairy favorAnd the beautiful handmade Fairies.  A piece of bark, with an acorn glued on.  Paper-mache wings, formed by pipe cleaners.  Fantastic, right?  And a burlap bag with a toadstool and a hopeful message, written in, I believe, white glue.  Beautiful in the simplicity of it.

I might copy every aspect of this party!  Happy birthday, S!  Thank you for having us to your party!

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2 Responses to Long fairy tales have a tendency to dragon

  1. aviets says:

    So adorable! Our younger daughter has always loved making fairy houses out of bits from the back yard. Our paper ran an article last fall about very elaborate fairy houses set up on nature trails around the city. No one knows who does it, but they’re so sweet! -Amy

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