A karate demonstration movie became a block buster

D is for Drive-In, D – D – Drive-in

drive inI never realized how genius going to the drive-in is, especially for parents of little ones.  Imagine being able to be out of the house to see a new release, and being able to make sure your mini-ions are asleep at the same time.

Or, taking them to the movies, but being in your own space so if one of them is having a hard time sitting and watching the movie, they have the freedom to move around the car without disturbing the other people in the theater.

For both of those reasons, we discovered we loved the drive-in.  Our local drive-in has brand new releases, so as soon as the new Planes movie opened, we headed there.

The set-up for it was simply adorable.  Without telling the mini-ions, we started in our usual evening routine.  Dinner, bath, pajamas.  They had been going to bed later recently, just because we’ve been out having fun, so they started negotiating with me from the start.  Then, when one escaped downstairs, I pretended to be grumpy and shooed us all downstairs.  Then grumped that we all had to get in the car.

Getting in the car – that made them nervous.  So with a big smile, Dear Husband and I told them we had a surprise and to get in the car.  We wanted to hype up some excitement because we were getting into the car past their bedtime, imagine if they fell asleep on the way there?

They didn’t.  And giggled and wondered the whole 25 minute drive there.  They (and Dear Husband who had never done this before) were blown away by the experience.  The second Planes movie was WAAAY better than the first.  And, at our drive-in, it is a double feature!  While the mini-ions drifted off to sleep, Dear Husband and I saw Maleficent, which was a delightful movie that we probably wouldn’t have seen if it was just there, playing before our eyes.

For less than we easily would have spent going to the theater, we all cuddled up and had a great time.  I can’t wait to see what’s playing next!

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4 Responses to A karate demonstration movie became a block buster

  1. April says:

    Wow that is so cool! I wish we had a drive in ( Insert jealousy here) . I am definitely going to take my oldest to see planes 2 now 😉

  2. aviets says:

    How fun! I clearly remember drive-in experiences when I was very young, so I know they made a big impression. -Amy

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