The gardener who built cages had post work depression

grow tomatoes, growI like to really encourage my tomatoes to be all they can be.  That’s why I have different height tomato cages.

Or, maybe its because my tomato seed starting was successful beyond my wildest imagination, and it has taken multiple trips to the store to buy additional cages, and I had no idea that there were different sizes.

Buying 20 tomato cages with the mini-ions just isn’t recommended.

I only bought about 7 enormous cages, the rest are regular size (or comparable with the cages I already had).  So, of course, I put the enormous cages around the smallest tomato plants.

I wanted those tomato plants to aspire to new heights.  To know that they had every opportunity to be as big as the other plants around them.  The only thing stopping them were the groundhogs, bunnies and pests.  And if they could overcome those, they could be as enormous as their cages.

go tomatoes, goThe first picture was from a month ago.  The second picture is from today.  I think they are giving it their best shot!

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