Now that the water slide is built, it is time to give it a dry run

blow-up slideB is for Blow-up slide, b-b-blow-up slide!

Look at the size of this thing!  Now imagine a four year-old or a two year-old doing it!  Both mini-ions had a piece of that!

A local restaurant hosted what I guess you would call a festival at a park.  The draw for us was seeing a band that Dear Husband and I hadn’t seen for ten years.  We tentatively went with low expectations.

Our expectations were blown out of the water.  With a small entry fee, it was a big park, with face painting and Italian ices and this enormous blow-up slide, all as part of the entry fee.  We got there very early, which was perfect because it gave the mini-ions the chance to try this slide out on their own terms.  At first, just Mini-ion #1 wanted to try it out.  It took a bit of coaxing to get him to slide down, but once he did, he was hooked.

Once Mini-ion #2 saw him try it, she had to do it too.  Up she went, cautiously climbing the balloon steps.  Then jumped down to a sitting position and flew down with a giggle.

They owned that slide for close to a half hour before other children started joining and they had to wait in line.  At that point, though, they needed a bit of a break.

That’s when we really began to realize how super great this summer was going to be.  So many things we’ve been holding off doing because it would just be too hard.  But things just keep getting easier.  Keep getting better.

I think both mini-ions are going to spend the summer blowing our expectations out of the water.  I can’t wait!

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