The psychiatrist diagnosed the banana with a split personality

nutella banana milkshake

Oops, I couldn’t get a picture in before I started drinking it!

As the temperature rises, let me tell you about the delicious way the mini-ions and I are cooling off.  Homemade chocolate milkshakes, but….wait for it…..they are pretty healthy!

You may recall my post from last year about banana ice cream.  You know, creamy delicious “ice cream” whose sole ingredient is guilt-free bananas?

I recently got a Ninja Master Prep chopping device for my birthday to help with my smoothie making.  On the cover of the box is a strawberry milkshake, and that is all Mini-ion #1 could talk about.  After a successful day of strawberry picking (wait for the S is for Strawberry post later in the summer!), I made strawberry milkshakes with some vanilla ice cream I had made.  We ATE IT UP!  I was thinking to myself how yummy and delicious it was but not summer sustainable, when I remembered banana ice cream!  I  immediately cut up some bananas, froze them in a single layer for an hour, before consolidating them to a container in the freezer.  Phew, now I had supplies for a future meltdown.

banana nutella milkshake

Look at the yummy deliciousness! My stomach is rumbling right now!

Not too many days later, an afternoon wasn’t going well.  Mini-ion #2 woke up from her nap ANGRY AT THE WORLD.  It was a hot afternoon and I thought, what could be better than chocolate milkshakes.  With nutella!  Here’s my recipe based on a single person shake:


-15 slices of frozen banana

-1 teaspoon nutella

– 1/4 cup of milk


Add to smoothie machine and blend.  It takes some time for the frozen banana to cooperate, so give it time for it to warm up and melt together.  Check the consistency and add more milk if it is too thick.  Then enjoy, mostly guilt free!

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7 Responses to The psychiatrist diagnosed the banana with a split personality

  1. April says:

    Looka delicious! I must try this soon, thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. aviets says:

    Yummers! My son makes these. I tried to make him one after he’d had his wisdom teeth out, but I didn’t’ realize you need to peel and slice the banana before freezing…so we just ended up with a really nasty black banana. 🙂 -Amy

  3. Jan Moyer says:

    Hmmmm, I have a 3 year old who often wakes up angry with the world. Licorice is his fix, but I’m going to try this. Always love your titles.

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