The fish were shy – obviously koi

A is for Aquarium, A-A Aquarium!

You may recall that last year I did 100 Acts of Summer Awesomeness.  I needed to make sure I got out and had a deliberate summer.

While that was what I needed last year, this year, I needed something a little easier.  But still deliberate.  It could be too easy to just get wrapped up in the usual routine of trying to keep up with our household and not enjoy all that summer has to offer.  Thanks to C for her recommendation, I’m doing an alphabet summer.  Some bit of summer awesomeness for each letter of the alphabet.  I have hopes of staying in order.

A is for AquariumFor the letter A, we went to the Aquarium.  It’s crazy to think that we’re starting to do activities specifically because I know that Mini-ion #2 will like them, and the aquarium is one of those places she loves.

She stands there entranced watching the fish swim around.  I don’t know if it is the lights, the colors or that the fish are seemingly floating, but this is one time in her life where she stands still and observes.

Mini-ion #1 is more likely to run through and run to the children’s activity area at the end.  Mini-ion #2 enjoys that as well, but she certainly enjoys the tranquility of the moment.

A is for Aquarium 2Our aquarium trip was part of a beach trip we took earlier in the summer.  After five days of playing in the waves and sand, we didn’t mind a rainy day to head to see the fish.  And aquariums are so tranquil, with their soft music, low lights and bright moving objects.

Though it was rainy outside, it was a beautiful day with the fish.  Mini-ion #2 enjoyed every minute of it.

I hope you are getting out and enjoying your summer!

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