She got a fork at her baby shower because there is no tine like the present

carrotsIf you had told me that this would have been the most talked about decoration touch at my sister-in-law’s Peter Rabbit shower, I wouldn’t have believed it.  It was the easiest thing I did with the biggest impact.

The basket full of…..carrots? Green forks wrapped in orange napkins tied with a bit of raffia.  That is the praise I received most about the shower, about just how cute those were.  (Photo credit to the very talented ErikaMarie Photography)  And it was really easy to do.


making carrot napkins 1Unfortunately I didn’t remember to take any pictures of it while doing it, so I recreated it.  Also, since the fire, I’ve lost my back-up of plastic wear and napkins, so, bear with the recreated pictures.  But, it was so easy to do, I’m sure you’ll understand it easily.

You start with a regular napkin and the plastic wear you intend on using.  I know it looks a bit wrinkled, and who’s surprised to see crumbs on my table?

making carrot napkins 2

Unfold the napkin completely, then refold in half once, like a triangle, so the corners meet.  Take your utensils and start rolling them from one edge of the triangle to the other.  Forks are a little tricky to do because they stick out, so the roll might be a bit bigger.


making carrots 3
Roll all the way through the napkin.  I used a small piece of raffia to tie it to keep it together.  It was so simple but so cute with such a big impact!

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