I used to be addicted to soap, but I’m clean now

IMG_5147[1]One day I thought I got to the end of the internet.  And I really liked what I found.

I stumbled upon this facebook challenge for a 5 day clean eating challenge.  If you kept up with each day, she would provide you with the healthy recipes for the next day. It also involved a commitment to working out for 30 minutes each day and drinking 100 ozs of water.  The person that ran it is a fitness coach, looking to grow her business, so she kept all of us motivated through a secret facebook group.  I thought it was a super smart way to utilize social media and a great opportunity to get some healthy, easy, whole ingredient recipes.

The less awesome part was that it happened over my birthday week.  A week that I would have completely indulged myself.  But I made this commitment.  So I only indulged myself a little bit.

I think it may have changed me a bit.  I’m still not so great in keeping up with the exercise, but it was a great way for me to re-evaluate my food intake.  She posted a meme, during it, that said something about how food is one of the most overused substances.  You’ll eat when sad, you’ll use food to celebrate, you may stress eat, etc.  And I could see that in my life.

When I was accountable to sticking to her daily menu, I could see how much I snacked.  Just mindless eating.  And my portion sizes were huge!!

This is how it is changed me.

I’m still drinking 100 oz of water.  Plain old water, sometimes with a squeeze of lime in it.  Following my Lenten discipline, I haven’t gone back and I have full on given up soda.  I’ll even get plain seltzer when I go out to eat.  If you would have told me at the beginning of the year that I would be happy drinking 100 oz of water a day, I would have laughed out loud.  This is really my year of change!

I’m implementing way more whole grains in my family’s diet.  Whole wheat English muffins, wraps and sandwich thins are full on, in effect in this house hold.  The mini-ions have been eating veggie pasts for a while now.

My portion sizes, particularly for protein, are way down.  And if I’m still hungry, I’m stocked full of fruits and vegetables that I really enjoy.

I lost 4lbs that first week on the food cleanse.  I did indulge a bit over the weekend, but I think I’ll see, with these lifestyle changes, a movement toward healthiness and a better association with food.

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2 Responses to I used to be addicted to soap, but I’m clean now

  1. Carol E. Tessman says:

    I am also working on losing fat! I also drink all that water +! CONGRATZ TO YOU, KERRI JEAN!!!

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