A crow is a four-letter bird

baby shower signsI had so many things to say, what better way than to use a banner?

I’ve been making a personalized banner for nearly all of my parties, and love it.  Plus, it looks super cute up against our aged fence.

For my sister-in-law’s baby shower, I knew I wanted it to be a bit more personal than a banner bought at a store.  I didn’t want it to say, “Baby Shower” or just “Baby Girl”, so I created two – this one, which had one more row that included their last name, over the food table.  Then, at the entrance to the tent, a “Congrats” with my sister-in-law’s name.

The one pictured was a bit tedious to do because their last name is 10 letters long, but it looked really pretty.  I wish I had taken pictures of the process of creating it, but I did it in stages between mini-ion fights and food.

I took a small book of various scrapbook pages (I think meant for backgrounds?  I’m not a scrapbooker) of a pretty theme.  I folded the pages in half and put a hole on either side of the back page to thread the string through.

From our fire, we had some books that got ruined, including an old Bobbsey Twins childrens’ book.  Because it was really old, I used the pages that didn’t look too damaged, cut a square out, and glued it to the scrapbook paper.  I wasn’t able to find Peter Rabbit scrapbook paper to follow my theme, but thought using pages of a book really tied it back to the book theme.

I have stencils that I bought a year or so ago at Walmart that I keep getting a lot of uses of, and this was another use.  Using one of the mini-ions dot markers, I colored in the letters on the old book pages.

A little bit of double-stick tape at the bottom of the scrapbook cards to hold them folded and it was ready to be strung.  I had these hanging in my house for a couple of days even after I assembled them because I just liked how they looked.  The hardest part?  Taking them down after the party was over!

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