Pour hot water down a rabbit hole and you get a hot cross bunny

Peter Rabbit shower favorsTurns out, I shouldn’t quit my day job to decorate cookies.  Something I didn’t know until after I made the cookies for “THE BABY SHOWER” as favors.  But I know the sentiment was in the exact right place.

As I mentioned previously, my sister-in-law is pregnant and myself and her other sister-in-laws threw her a Peter Rabbit baby shower.  While missing my mother-in-law terribly (who passed away in 2010), I tried to incorporate her spirit throughout the shower.  One way of doing it was using her sugar cookie recipe.

I won’t give that away, because it is one of those prized family recipes.

We first received it from her, in 2009.  It was approaching Christmas and she had fallen and was unable to make cookies.  I had volunteered to help with some of the cookie making duties for Christmas.  She sent me a scanned, handwritten recipe for her sugar cookies.  It may be the most usual recipe for cookies, but because she wrote it, all out of order, with food stains visible, it felt like the most ancient recipe alive.  I looked at my husband, saying, “You know, they sell sugar cookie dough at the store, right?”.  Please forgive me, I was 6 months pregnant and still a super efficient advertising executive wondering what I had gotten myself into.

In December of 2012, my husband’s paternal grandmother and aunt were visiting us just before Christmas, so I thought, what a great afternoon to spend, making and decorating Christmas cookies.  We stealthily used the recipe under the squinty eye of Grandmother, itching to get the recipe so she could do a better job?

At any rate, I thought this was another great way to have my mother-in-law’s spirit with us.

I got the bunny cookie cutter from Amazon, of course.  I heavily followed the directions from the kitchn on frosting instructions.  They gave great recommendations on making the frosting thicker/thinner for spreading or outlining.  I didn’t follow the recipe because it was nowhere close on the use of sugar (I used way more), but the idea of how thick/thin the frosting was really helpful.

decorating issuesI had some troubles trying to figure out the best way to decorate.  I started by outlining all of them in white.  I thought I would fill in with pink, but that was overload.  I then tried doing an additional outline in pink, but that just looked stupid.  I finally ended by doing a dab of pink for the foot, tail and ears, then a little jacket over the torso.  That looked the best and didn’t have the dripping issues.

After they dried, I used treat bags to tie them in with a bit of raffia.  I printed out a thank you message on business cards so they would come apart easily without having to do any cutting.  I made a few slats in the middle to attach it to the bags and the favors were complete!

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