A new mother received roses and baby’s breath

Peter Rabbit party centerpiecesHave you ever been working on elements for a party and been completely stuck?  That was me!

I knew I had these beautiful mason jars I wanted to use.  I liked the elements of burlap and ribbon, but just didn’t know how to put them together.

I invited two of my mom friends over and while our children played (or battled), they helped.  The main issue I was having was the fold of the burlap, how to cover that.  My friend D had a great idea of instead of hiding it, make it the highlight by cinching it with ribbon.  My friend E showed me how to make the most adorable little ribbon roses that we hot glued over the crease to completely hide it.  They turned out so pretty, just the right touch for this garden party.  It was simple to just fill the jar with a carrot, a chive flower, a grocery store flower and greens from the top of a carrot to tie it all together.

Let me show you how E taught me how to make the ribbon roses,  you won’t believe how simple it was!

starting the ribbon rose

The first step is to tape a longish string on the front and back of a fork, through the center prong of your fork.

Next, take your ribbon of choice and start weaving it through the prongs of your fork.  I choose to start from the back and weave in to the front.

(Please don’t mind the dirty fingernails – it is gardening season!)



Weave as many rows as you want.  We did about four or five rows.





When you have finished weaving, cut your ribbon and hold the cut end of the ribbon with one finger.  Un tape the front of the string, bring it around to the back.  Un tape the back of the string, pull it tight to meet the front and tie a tight knot.

Gently pull the whole thing off of your fork.


Then, voila!  You have a tiny ribbon rose!fork ribbon rose

Thank you, E and D, so much for your lovely help!  Some day I’ll convince both of them to blog 🙂

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