Small people are in short supply

IMG_4467[1]I’ve been asked several times through the course of my playgroup – where did I get that?  I tried, as best as possible, to use basic materials that anyone could use, in case a mom wanted to continue the fun at home.  Here is my supply list, with sources, in case you need it!  This is the second in my series of my curriculum for my Montessori inspired playgroup.  Click here to read the first post, my consolidated list of activities.

The basics (mostly from Amazon – my favorite place to shop, and if you purchase from the amazon links, I may get a small percentage, which may help in trying to keep the crumbs off the table)

Scissors – Fiskar or Westcott 5 inch blunt tip scissors were my favorite.  Here are links to get one or many:

Glue sticks – washable, to me that was most important: Elmer’s Disappearing Purple School Glue Sticks, 2 Pack

Paint brushes – thick, durable ones were most important to me: Round Chubby Paint Brush for Kids 10 Pack

Tempura paint – I like to get a couple primary colors, and when I bring it out for the kids, give big squeezes on a paper plate of each color.  That way there is no concern if they mix paint/pots and they can mix colors on their own (I was being thrifty).  And, with the primary colors, they can make every other color, so I just bought a big container of (washable) red, blue, yellow and white: Crayola Artista II Washable Tempera Paint

Glue – I bought a big jug of washable glue and little bottles of washable glue.  In retrospect, I don’t think I needed the little bottles, but here is a big jug of glue: Elmer’s Washable School Glue Gallon

Liquid watercolors – one of my favorite things to use (and one of the things I ran out of and will need to replace for the fall).  These were so useful on so many things.  Again, I got washable and primary colors: Concentrated Washable Liquid Watercolor

Jars – my case of canning jars were used over and over.  Instead of using disposable cups (as much as possible) we used canning jars and I just ran them through the dishwasher.  These got used almost every single week, and not a single jar was broken: Ball Canning Regular Mouth Half Pint Canning Jar 8 oz. 12-Count

Paper – many types:

Colored chalk – Dustless!

Pipettes – A seemingly unattainable tool, but ridiculously affordable in a large quantity ($5 for 100!!) and a bevy of uses.  I was surprised at how cheap but still reusable they were: Plastic Transfer Pipettes, Pack of 100

Paper towels – Trust me, buy in bulk

Cookie sheets – These were used every single playgroup, if it wasn’t for the provocation, then on our shelves.  Anytime I was at walmart or the dollar store, I bought some – here are some from dollar tree

Sand – I could not believe how cheap it was to buy a huge bag of playground quality, child safe sand at Home Depot.  50lbs for under $3

Those are the general basics I needed for the semester.  The rest of the items I needed that were specific to a particular task:

  • Fishing line
  • Small empty paint bottles
  • Balloons
  • Clay pots (currently $0.78!)
  • Double sided tape
  • straws
  • dish soap
  • foil roasting trays
  • kitty litter bins (from dollar store)
  • raisins
  • different shaped pasta
  • potato scrubbers
  • yarn
  • egg cartons
  • sticks, leaves, and long grass found around the yard
  • carbonated water
  • salt
  • baking soda
  • kool-aid packets
  • generic efferdent tablets

There you have it – if you were to re-do my semester, here’s your supply list!




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