I must have had the chalkboard flu because today I feel remarkable

wet chalk drawingFor my last art playgroup (a make-up class from an earlier stomach virus) we played with chalk, water and black paper.  The idea came from this blog post, which talked about creating different invitations to play – an idea I’m right on board with doing.

I left out a jar of water with paintbrushes and some vibrant colored chalk and invited the children to do with it whatever they wanted.  Some painted only with water.  Mini-ion #1 liked painting with water, then circling with chalk – I tried to encourage him to try mixing the water and chalk, but he didn’t want to, so I let it go.  Mini-ion #2 really liked painting with water and rubbing chalk dust all over her dress.

There were no masterpieces that came out of this art project – no take-home colorings to hang on the wall.  I don’t think many parents were expecting that from our playgroup.  I don’t think I brought home more than two pieces of art, myself.  But it was about the process.  The ability to play with the material with no expectations.  Mini-ion #1, surprisingly, zipped through three pieces of construction paper before he had considered himself finished.

It was a beautiful last class.  I really enjoyed, so much, the opportunity to play with these children and get to know these moms.  I’ll do a follow-up post of gathering all the fun we had with resources, and a “what I learned” post, but I’m already starting to gather ideas for the fall!


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