Some athletes who were also artists got together and discussed race and color

It was our last science day of the “spring semester” and so we circled back to reinforce our first science provocation, color mixing.  In the first science day, we did color mixing with oil and water.  This time we did color mixing and capillary action.

water crawling 1I got the idea from Royal Baloo, a great blog that gave pictures and tips and tricks.  I utilized her tips of using paper towels instead of toilet paper and using warm water to mix the colors into.

I set up a small upside down bucket on each table and had a jar of water mixed with red, yellow and blue liquid water colors.  I had strips of paper towels and empty jars at the ready.  (I forgot to bring my phone to this class, so thanks to mom C for taking pictures for me!!)  I invited the children to tell me which colors they were interested in mixing, and we set up the jars, the paper towels andwater crawling 2
invited them to watch what happened.  Initially it was a bit slow as the water started to creep up.  I tried to keep them engaged by asking them which color did they think would win and drip into the jar first.  That turned into an interesting observation on all of them, and blue turned out to be the fastest overall while yellow was the slowest.  It may have been interesting to take it the next step to see if adding more water or adding more watercolors would have made it faster…….another time.

There was certainly a level of fascination on what was happening, I suspect also a bit of tiredness because there was a lot of quiet gazing.  They could go off and do some activities and come back to see how it was going, which color was dripping into the jar, and what colors were being created.

It was very sad and sweet to say good-bye to our science friends and we hope to see them soon!

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4 Responses to Some athletes who were also artists got together and discussed race and color

  1. Oh I love this! I did this in my classroom in the fall and the kiddos thought it was pretty cool!

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