My boss does not tolerate any beards or mustaches. He is a real shave driver

When you think about an art project for preschoolers/toddlers, shaving cream and watercolors obviously come to mind, right?  It was another day when I achieved success at the playgroup – I achieved the coveted, “this is fun!”

shaving cream and water colorsThe idea came from one of my new favorite blogs, Hilary’s Home Daycare (who knew daycare was this much fun – can I be in it?).  I set up my favorite cookie trays with a heavy dose of shaving cream.  In the middle of the table, I had red, yellow and blue watercolors (mixed with water) and a bunch of pipettes in each color.  The children were invited to squeeze the watercolors all over the shaving cream (although some were simply delighted about the shaving cream covering the tray).  Finally, Mini-ion #2 figured out how to use pipettes!!  It was a great exercise in coordination and hand strength for her.

shaving cream and watercolors


After they were bored with squeezing watercolors onto shaving cream, I introduced the next stage, which was smushing a piece of cardstock onto the shaving cream and pulling it back off.  The smushing was fun.

Then we wiped the majority of the shaving cream off and left it to try (I would recommend having a window squeegee and a bucket nearby for this part).  And started all over again.

I’m so mad I forgot to take pictures of the finished art because it was some of my favorite pieces.  And the children loved making more and more – we went through all four cans of shaving cream I stocked for this.

I think I might have to do it again this summer!


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4 Responses to My boss does not tolerate any beards or mustaches. He is a real shave driver

  1. aviets says:

    Our Sunday School kids did this project in the art rotation this month. They loved it!
    -Amy at

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