The novel about the small garden didn’t have much of a plot

I’m excited to have my seeds in the ground, but oh so nervous.  Talk about a test of trust.  I spent money on these little bits and just trust that they will turn into beautiful food?

As a way of documentation for me, let me give you a little tour of my garden!

First, let me tell you a little bit of the set up.  I didn’t design or build it, it was in place when we moved in.  I was very happy to see it and have been really enjoying it.  It is comprised of two small front sections and two larger back sections.

garlic den

This is one of the small front sections.  Last year, our local farm was giving away bulbs of garlic as a try out.  I decided to save mine and planted it last fall.  In the back, you’ll see four sprouts of green – of the six or eight cloves I planted, those are the four that survived and are making bulbs!  Although I’m ridiculously excited about it working, four bulbs doesn’t get me very far (but it is more than I had before).  And it was completely free (talk about frugal!).  In the foreground, I planted two rows of dill seeds.  The front row I’m hoping to harvest dill (it cost $10 to get a large container of dried dill!!) and in the back row I’m hoping to harvest dill seeds to plant next year.

carrot and tomato sectionThis is the one of the larger beds.  Last year I grew pumpkins in this section.  This year I’m growing carrots and tomatoes.  If you consider the wood plank dividing it, the smaller area in the background of the wood plank, there are four rows of carrot seeds planted.  I have room for another row or two, which might be my thyme plants.

Once my tomato plants are in good enough shape (or I end up buying some living plants because mine threw their roots in the air in protest), I’ll plant those in the foreground with some basil seeds.

parsley, onions and pumpkins

So, funny story.  I dug four trenches, intending to plant three trenches of carrots and one trench of onion.  After I finished the three trenches of carrots, I realized I had just actually planted three trenches of parsley (facepalm), resorting in me planting the carrots by the tomatoes).  In this other larger planting area, I have three trenches of parsley, one trench of onions.  Not pictured is a wire trellis of sorts.  On that other side of the trellis, I plan on planting the pumpkin seeds that I saved from last year’s jack-o-lantern.  I’m hoping I can support any pumpkins with random items I find around the house.  Already, I’m thinking maybe the mesh bags I get limes and avocados in would be good supports.

grapes and blueberriesIn my other small area, I have two blueberry plants and one purple grape plant.  I amended the soil around the blueberry plants with coffee grounds to raise the acidity.  I don’t hold high hopes on this area because I didn’t spend the appropriate time getting them used to being inside to outside.  Fingers crossed they survive, otherwise this might be a random herb bed.  And I’ll try on blueberries and grapes next year.

I hope you enjoyed the tour of my garden!  Here’s hoping the next pictures I show will have flourishing growth!

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