Soap inventors bubble their money

What child doesn’t love bubbles?  Based on that philosophy, we made that a science day, the science of bubbles.

blowing bubblesUsing a jar half full of soapy water (just dish soap), I dared the children to fill the jar with bubbles.  I gave them each a straw with holes poked on top (hoping it would prevent them from sucking up bubbles, but a few children were still able to get a mouthful of soap) and encouraged them to blow.

It was great.  They filled the jars, the tables, themselves with bubbles.  This was one of the few projects Mini-ion #2 finished and asked for more.

Once the interest in blowing bubbles in the jars began to wane, I had the next trick up my sleeve.  I seem to have a couple of tinkerers in my group.  I’ve been encouraging tinkering a lot at home.  Mini-ion #1 has an “invention bin” that only he can get into, so I thought, what if we did a bit of tinkering with bubbles?

starting to tinkerI took a small bin and included straws, scissors, long strands of ribbon and pipe cleaners and laid them out on the floor and encouraged them to create.  The child in the group that seems to be the head tinkerer wasn’t there, so another mom and I started demonstrating what could be done with some of the supplies, in terms of making bubble wands.  Soon the children were cutting straws and wiggling pipe cleaners like pros.  I’m not sure how many of the bubble wands created were truly products only of the children, but I liked the introduction of tinkering and hope to do more with it next semester.

bubble wandsOnce bubble wands were created, that left the awesome task of filling them with soap (easily done from all the soap on the tables) and blowing away.

As a bonus, it gave the playgroup tables a solid clean!

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5 Responses to Soap inventors bubble their money

  1. aviets says:

    I’ve nominated you for a Sunshine Award! See details at

  2. Love the straws and pipe cleaners! I’m going to include it in my planning this week 🙂

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