A guy who made pots for a living fell on hard times and became a pan handler

dying seedlingsIt wasn’t looking good.  After the great Easter drought, my darling little seedlings seemed to be coming back (well, some of them).  But that’s about it.  They were staying alive, but didn’t seem to be growing.  I knew I needed to do something.

I took half of the tomato plants and decided to repot them.  That seemed contrary to everything I had read, that you should wait until they had their second set of leaves before re-potting, but I felt like if I waited, they weren’t ever going to have a second set of leaves.  If I wanted these plants to ever produce anything, I needed to do something now.

re-using chobani containersI grabbed a bunch of Chobani yogurt containers (during the winter, we were going through almost a full container a day), poked holes in the bottom, filled them with seed starting mix and gave them a nice dousing of water.  Based on what I read, I watered the seedlings, because this way soil would stick to their roots when removing them. Then I gently removed the seedlings from the egg carton (which came apart so easily because it was damp), making sure, when tugging a bit, to tug from the leaves and not the roots.

I jammed my finger down in to create a hole, and dropped a seedling in, two per container.  I gave another deep watering, gave the containers a chance to drain, then moved them back under the lights.

Then waited.  Nervously

Happy little seedlings!It turned out perfectly!  My little tomato seedlings are sprouting new leaves, seemingly every day.  They look so happy in their new home.  I just transplanted the other set of seedlings so now both are transplanted and looking happy.  Just in time for me to go away again!  Although I’ll be gone longer, these new pots hold more water, so I think they will not experience another drought.

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