The aluminum foiled my plans

Foiled again!  Just kidding – paintingpainting foil foil is fun!  I was too much “in the mix” to take some good action shots, but here is what it looked like in progress.  It was another of those great activities where they could just go back and forth to when they wanted to.

It was really as simple as it sounded.  I covered each cookie sheet with a stretch of foil, left out plates with a glob of four paint colors on each, some paintbrushes, and a few strips of tape and let them do what they wanted.  For Mini-ion #2, she had me put some tape down in a letter shape.  Mini-ion #1 was happy to go his own way.

I was impressed with Mini-ion #1’s picture that for the first time, he didn’t mix his paint colors into the “preschool brown” most other art projects become.  He kept them all separate, which makes me think he might be ready for some paint pots.  Mini-ion #2’s painting kept to that color mixing that I’m used to.  I never got a picture with the tape off.

Quite frankly, these weren’t pieces of art that I kept (although some other very conscientious mothers did).  For my two mini-ions, it was about the experience and the process, not the product.  They enjoyed putting paint to something other than paper.

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