The plastic surgeon put his patient’s nose to the grindstone

backdropHow many times have you liked something on Pinterest, even pinned it to a specific board, and when you went back to it to actually accomplish it, it was only a STUPID PICTURE!  With no accompanying directions or tips for success.  That happened with one of the elements to our Very Mickey Birthday Party – curse you media cache!

One of the elements I wanted to make was a photo back drop so each of the children could have a picture with Mickey to put in their picture frame.  The caption on the pin says, “Took $1.00 table cloths, cut slits and braided the tops to create fun party wall cover ups for my daughters birthday party at home.”  And it included a picture.  So easy, right?  Seems so easy, right?  Unless you actually try to do it.  With four children and a dog.  Here’s how we (and again, by we, I mean, me, my friend L and dear husband) did it.

tablecloth backdropLet me start by saying, first off, just one single length of tablecloth isn’t long enough.  Especially outside in April where it is windy.  I would definitely do two tablecloth lengths long.  We taped down the first tablecloth to the floor, then the next one to the first taped tablecloth, then the third to the second.  Then the fourth to the third.  I cut the top three tablecloths along the factory crease in the tablecloth, then cut each of those pieces  into three pieces.  We left the bottom one uncut to have a single color backdrop.

stapling table cloths to woodOnce all the pieces were cut, we took a long piece of thin wood, wrapped the tablecloth around it a couple of times and using a staple gun, stapled the plastic tablecloths to the wood.  Make sure the piece of wood is longer than the tablecloths so you can attack string on either end of the stick for hanging purposes.

tying the knots
We hung it off our second floor balcony in our entrance to do the tying.  And there was a lot of tying.  We braided the first foot or so, then did a big knot.  I highly recommend the way mine was completed – put your mini-ions to bed, and when your done, your friend will have done it all (thanks L!).  That was excitingly huge to have completed and off the to-do list for the evening.

backdrop with THE mouse
In our case, we hung it from the side of our house, because we were having an outdoor party.  The windy day really made it fly, which is why I would recommend doing two tablecloth lengths wide.  But it was well received and certainly added to the awesomeness of  playing with Mickey.



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4 Responses to The plastic surgeon put his patient’s nose to the grindstone

  1. aviets says:

    That is really cool – I’ll have to remember it for use at Vacation Bible School sometime. But I have to admit, I can’t figure out for the life of my how Pinterest works. I can just barely manage to click through something that looks interesting to find the directions…
    -Amy at

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