What did the revolutionary pigeon say at the secret meeting? Coup, coup

Burning ring of fire sounds appropriate to how our playgroup started today.  Even “scariest environment imaginable”.  Was it the rain?  The middle of the week blues?  Who knows, but it was an outright coup.  I think it was the first time the moms truly felt outnumbered by the children.

It was mainly my mini-ions fault.  We started the day weirdly.  Dear husband is home trying to accomplish a lot of work under a tight deadline.  It seems crazy to work from home, especially as both of our computers are set up in the playroom.  The benefit is that he can be working during the hours he generally spends commuting, and getting ready for work, gaining him over four extra hours of work time.  He probably gets interrupted the same amount as he does in the office.  Plus, when we leave for the day, it isn’t too crazy.

Mini-ion #1 heard him as soon as he woke up, so we didn’t get our morning snuggles (clearly that ruined him for the rest of the day) because he wanted to be downstairs with Daddy.  Mini-ion #2’s day started normally, but I think she woke up a bit grumpy.  By the time we were at the church setting up the playgroup, I could tell they were both out of sorts a bit.  I had a lot of set up today, so we were there a bit earlier than normal.

Once more children got there, the internal gremlins were ready to burst out.  Mini-ion #2 was throwing the contents of trays up in the air, waving her arms like she just didn’t care.  Mini-ion #1 was clucking like a chicken. And running in circles and squares.  Add four more children into the mix, adding their own elements of crazy.  Three minutes into the playgroup and it was mass hysteria.  It took easily 10 minutes before a semblance of order could be established and the children lived on the edge of balance for the rest of the playgroup.

I guess they feel comfortable there?

I’m participating in a 30 day blog writing challenge and today’s challenge was to write from the daily writing prompt.  The idea was Ring of Fire, I think from a food perspective.  But once I read that, I knew that a ring of fire didn’t have to just happen in your mouth.  It could happen in the form of young children letting loose their inner gremlins to the detriment of pom poms, shells, pipe cleaners and beans.  And while we as moms were able to contain it, we now know – it can happen again.  But we’re watching.

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2 Responses to What did the revolutionary pigeon say at the secret meeting? Coup, coup

  1. Not sure if anyone has nominated you yet for the Liebster award but someone nominated me and I thought it sounds like a great idea so would like to nominate you. See my post http://101thingstodowithkids.com/2014/05/01/liebster-award/ ‎ x

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