When a letter carrier became a hero they called him The Deliverer

I want to talk about the Hero Mommy moments.  Have you had one?  You know what I’m talking about – in the face of a usual, average day, as a mom, you find yourself stepping up, leaning in and doing something quite extraordinary.  Like pulling out two dangling teeth after a child’s bike crash.  That did happen, luckily not to me, but to another blogger I follow, An Honest Mom.  Her son had a bike crash, and his two front teeth were dangling out of his mouth and right there, in the middle of the street (with a baby in tow), she utilized her inner Mom strength and performed oral surgery.

Ever since I read that post, I’ve been thinking about when I’ve had to use my inner Mom strength.  That hidden reserve, deep inside, where all the love I have for my Mini-ions stores an inner strength that I can pull on when I desperately need it.

I know we all have little instances; quick movements that pull them back from cars on the street, immediately lifting them out of the water when they slide under, catching them just as the chair they are standing on starts to topple over.  When we were visiting an old homestead kind of tourist attraction, a chicken started to attack one of Mini-ion #1’s friends and I happened to be the one that stepped in first to protect him, but I don’t know if I would call that heroic.  I think we were all just waiting for the chicken to stop and I happened to shift my weight forward first.

I’ve written a lot about the Montessori inspired playgroup that I’m running.  Initially when the idea first came up, I was trying to get someone else to run it.  I just wanted to attend.  But the harder I tried to push it on to someone else, the more work it was to try not to work on it.

Finally, I had to put on my big girl panties and say, if you want this, then YOU do it.  And it was hard to come to acknowledge that I needed to do it and very scary.  I was scared of failure, of course.  I was scared I didn’t know what I was doing, that I would be too stubborn to listen to other people’s advice.  That I didn’t know if I really liked other children.  There was so much information out there that I had a hard time culling through it all to find the right things to do.

But, this is what I want for my mini-ions.  So, I’ve been pulling on my inner mom strength for confidence, for focus.  I’ve started to find a community of moms and children that I really, really enjoy being around (Yes, I am admitting I really like these other children).  I’m enjoying watching their faces on each new activity and I super enjoy the, “this is so cool” comments that come out their mouths.  My inner mom strength is almost depleted, but I’m not pulling on it nearly as much as I was when I first started doing it.  And I’m already starting to put together projects for next semester!

When have you had to pull on your inner Mom or inner Dad strength?

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4 Responses to When a letter carrier became a hero they called him The Deliverer

  1. aviets says:

    The moments that I recall most clearly are the times when something really unpleasant was going down – bad decisions with boyfriends, ugly situations with ugly teachers, poor behavioral choices that required consequences. It’s those times when it would be SOOOO easy to abdicate responsibility and ignore the issue. The times I “girded my loins” and stepped in to do what needed to be done in those situations were possibly some of my proudest mom moments.
    -Amy at http://www.momgoeson.wordpress.com

  2. Thanks for your mention, here! I love your bravery in starting the playgroup. May all of us step out on our new wobbly mom legs and do such wholesome things.

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