The weather man said there won’t be any rain for 6 months, but I drought it

Let’s take a minute and talk about what not to do when sprouting your own seeds.  Go away for four days.  I will survive!

I learned many lessons from my first round of seed sprouting.  Mainly, to thoroughly soak the soil and after the seeds sprouted, keep them very moist.  I was doing that well with my next round, Roma tomatoes, Cherry tomatoes and thyme.  I had an amazing array of seed sprouts.  Two, three and sometimes four sprouts per egg hole in my seed sprouting system.  I was already worrying about how I was going to have to thin them out.

Then the dreaded late Easter.  I gave them a thorough soaking and put them in a window where they would get afternoon sun, crossed my fingers and abandoned my poor seedlings for four days.  Upon returning, I hurried to where they were and there were no bobbing seedling heads to greet me.  All the seedlings looked like they had given up.  But I didn’t give up on them.  I gave them another thorough soaking and got them back under the lamps.

I have some coming back.  There seems to be a bit of survival of the fittest going on in seedland.  I imagine if they can survive the “Great Easter Drought” I’ll be able to get some tomatoes out of them.  I hope.  Besides, what would I have done with all those tomato plants.

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