Those who transport salt are movers and shakers

Glue?  Watercolors? Salt?  1-5 year olds?  Yes, that takes guts.  And a lot of moms.  But they seemed to really enjoy it.

glue salt art with blueToday’s art project comes to you, inspired by the blog, One Perfect Day who did what she called a raised salt painting.  I loved her question at the end, “What is your favorite non-traditional painting material?” and loved the idea that we were creating art outside of regular painting materials.

Using our dollar store cookie sheets, each tray had a small glue bottle and a piece of blue construction paper (I have the black paper ear marked for a later project).  On the tables were low glasses, half filled with quarter water/quarter liquid watercolors (because I’m cheap and want the watercolor paints to last) with a ton of q-tips in each glass. A container of salt that the moms all passed around was the last element to this art piece.

raised salt art in processEach child squeezed a pattern on their paper with the glue.  Then we sprinkled salt all over it, generously, then shook it off onto the tray.  The children were then free to take a q-tip out of their water color of choice and dab it to the salt/glue line and watch it spread.

This was one of the art projects that kept the most amount of children engaged the longest.  I think this could have easily been a science project, with the way they were watching the water seep and the colors mix (as we only used the red, yellow and blue) but the children were quite enthralled with the art aspect of it.

Mini=ion #1's monster

It was beautiful, not too messy and really engaging.  This was Mini-ion #1’s “monster”.  I think I’m going to have some mad moms if the salt all falls right off, but hopefully they got pictures of their children’s masterpieces. 🙂

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