For every jailor who makes a guarded comment there’s a prisoner who lets words escape

“She’s a vicious life-sucking bitch from which there is no escape.”  One of my favorite quotes from Armageddon.  Yes, a cheesy movie, but one I love nonetheless.  If that means you won’t read any further, I’m sorry for you, because there is a lot of fun in Armageddon.  And a lot of scientific inaccuracies as dear husband likes to point out.

Granted, this is an odd way to start a post.  But, I’m doing a wordpress posting challenge and my first challenge was to post about who I am and why I’m here.  I’m sure you can read all about it in the “About Me” post, but that was almost a year ago.  Oh right, not much else has changed.  To use the lovely phrasing from Armageddon, let’s say I’m a laser-focused, life-creating, red-head from which there is no escape.  And why would you want to?

I’m here because I’m looking to exercise my brain muscles.  I’m here because I want to challenge myself to be the best person of myself I can be, and when I have to put it all out in public, I am more accountable to myself.  I want to be a loving and gracious mother, an exceptional, healthy and frugal cook and an entertaining extraordinaire.  I have little attention span for cleaning my house, so these are blog posts compile all the things that get in the way in getting the crumbs off the table.


I’m doing the daily post wordpress challenge.  I think it is to post more frequently, which I find difficult to imagine because I try to post every other day.  But, I need to answer who I am and why I’m here.

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