Nature reserves are an eagle opportunity employer

Nature PaintingTo finish off this week of fails, I bring to you a half failure in my playgroup.  But, the benefit to it being a half failure is that it was a half success, and I’m about lifted out of my funk enough to look for the success.

Much like the seedlings, I knew I would need to have failures to learn from, but it is hard.  And hard to do in front of people.  But…….here goes.

It was a two part art project.  The first part was nature painting.  That sounds more interesting….really I stuck four sticks in the bottom of a piece of an upside down egg carton, left out a plate of paint colors and a paintbrush and let them at it.  They enjoyed it.  They called it painting trees.  Some of the younger children really got more into it then I expected, very conscientiously applying paint to this new surface.  It required more time and concentration then just applying it to paper.  I was impressed at how much time Mini-ion #2 really spent on it.

I taped the upside down egg cartons to dollar store cookie sheets (which have been one of the single most used items of this playgroup).  When put aside to dry, all the sticks sticking out really did look like a forest.

nature weaving

I then took yarn and tied the four sticks to form a square.  I wrapped yarn around two of the sticks to form a loom.  I scavenged all kinds of natural materials from my backyard.  We had long grass, straw, lavender, leaves and some evergreens.  When the children walked in the tables were covered with the natural materials.  They ran over with, “what’s that” bursting out of their mouth.  I proudly gave them their painted sticks turned into looms, and Mini-ion #1’s response was to play them like a harp.  Some children did end up with some materials woven in, but most weren’t interested in it.  The age ranges for this particular group ranged from a little over 1 to a little over 4, and it was mostly the 4 year olds that had the most interest.  All the children took them home and I have hopes of hearing stories about long walks and interesting weaving.

I also had some technical difficulties with some of the looms.  Because the sticks weren’t exactly even there was frequent shifting and the yarn would loosen.  I still think the idea of weaving for this age group is great, and maybe the semester long project for next year will be weaving a large item (sturdily built, likely by dear husband).  However, if you find a way of improving the loom, I would truly love to hear it.  I hate having this “looming” over my head.

Over the last week I’ve shown my dirty underwear.  Turns out I’m not one of those bloggers that does perfect pictures, with perfect projects and perfect gardening skills.  I’m just human.  I thought I’d end this week with a half success to launch into next week being better.

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5 Responses to Nature reserves are an eagle opportunity employer

  1. aviets says:

    In my book, any time you spend with kids doing interesting stuff is a success, whether it works as planned or not. Well done! -Amy

  2. amen, sister: ” Turns out I’m not one of those bloggers that does perfect pictures, with perfect projects and perfect gardening skills.” Me neither. And the truth is, no one really IS those things, they’re just good at the presentation and editing parts 😉

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