My dog failed his driving test, he can’t parallel bark

I think this might be a week of struggle for me.  Next up – my seedlings.

seedlings with lamp 1I wrote about how well my seedlings were progressing and I put them under the lamp set up I purchased from Amazon.  At this point, I’ve lost all of my lavender seedlings (although this could be related to a certain little mini-ion getting into them with some destructive fingers) and a great majority of my rosemary.  I think two things happened.  I think this was too close and I didn’t provide enough water to them, maybe all the way through.  seedlings lamp 2 At this point, I have about 10ish surviving but also a new set up.  I guess Dear Husband had some “notes” on my gardening set up because I came home one day and it was set up this way.  The light is further away from the seedlings, but hopefully not too far.  I’m not saying he didn’t possibly make it better, he’s a smart man and frequently does improve things, but it’s like stirring someone’s pot, unasked…….which he does……so I’m not really surprised.

I hate the idea of failing.  Of not having two egg cartons full of little seedlings that are just waving at me.  But of course I need some failure.  Of course I need the humbling process of not having just figured it out perfectly the first time and what steps to take the next (I’d be a horrible experimental scientist).

I’ve pulled my big girl pants up and decided to take stock on my lessons learned and get my tomato and thyme seedlings going.  This time, I thoroughly soaked the soil before planting the seedlings to make sure they are adequately hydrated from the very beginning.  This time, when I put them under the lamp, I’ll make sure they are much more heavily watered and the light won’t be so close.  This time, I’ll keep Mini-ion #2 out of them (well, I can’t really guarantee that).

And, if all else fails, Burpee sells plants, too.

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