Yesterday I rode my bike twice, I guess that makes me a recycler

seedlings emergemultiple seedlings emergeLa la la – it’s working!  Yes, that’s my miniature happy dance/song put to wordpress.  You may recall a prior post about how I’m starting my seedlings as inexpensively as I can, using recycled materials.  And guess what, it’s working!!

To help with my documenting process, about a week ago, I planted rosemary and lavender seeds.  These were the seeds that needed the longest development time.  I was trying out this seed starting system using egg cartons and spinach containers, didn’t want to use all of my seeds in this trial, so started just with these two to make sure it worked.

After six days, not every container has seedlings yet, but there are a few seedlings.  After 9 days, I have seedlings in nearly every container.  As these seeds are supposed to fully pop out in 10-14 days, I’m feeling pretty successful with the seedlings I already have popping out.

My next step, this weekend, is to build the little light house for the seedlings to continue growing under until they get their second set of leaves.  I’m also saving seltzer bottles and toilet paper rolls to be the next step for when they get transplanted to their own containers.  I’m not sure which direction I’ll go.  I have a lot more toilet paper rolls then seltzer bottles, and I like the idea that I can plant the toilet paper roll right in the soil to degrade (I think).

It’s fun using containers around the house for this project.  Every time I finish a carton of eggs or container of spinach, I feel such joy that I’ll be reusing it again.  Every roll of toilet paper finished is a success!!  Are we consuming more quickly just to reuse?  I’ll leave you to ponder that question as I go make more eggs with spinach.

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