A gardener buys super seeds to supersede the garden from the previous year

The seeds are in…..THE SEEDS ARE IN!  I’m so excited to be starting my garden from seeds this year, it’s hard to listen to my dad’s cautionary advice, “I always started seeds to early……”.  But I’m trying.

I’m also trying to be very conscientious about how I spend money on gardening.  As the overall goal is to save money through gardening, I’m trying to be creative by recycling materials. I spent money on the seeds (although some I’ll be able to use next year, I hope, and some I’ll be able to save the seeds from the food I produce), on a bag of organic seed starting mix and a grow light (my dear husband says the government has now marked us as marijuana growers) and then trying to use whatever we have around the house for the rest of the way.

seed starting materialsHere are the materials I’m using:  I have the giant salad tubs of the spinach I buy at BJ’s.  I thought these would make a fantastic greenhouse (we go through a tub a week and I’m always finding uses for these tubs – my playgroup is covered with them!).  They separate easily and the tops become the bottoms for catching water.

On the weekends, we can almost go through two dozen eggs, so I generally buy my eggs in packs of 18.  These 18 packs fit perfectly in the salad tubs.

I poked a hole in the bottom of each egg carton, filled with seed starting mix, misted with water, dropped a couple of seeds in each hole, gave a final spread of mix and another mist of water and my rosemary and lavender are set to sprout.recycled seed starting

I have them currently set up in my dining room.  Weirdly, that is where the thermostat is, so that is the room that is most likely to be 70 degrees.  I have a little time before they start sprouting to set up my grow light situation.  Of the seeds that I ordered, these were the two that suggested the longest lead time before the first frost.  I really wanted to start my tomatoes too, but I need to eat more spinach and eggs first (not a problem – we’ll probably get there this weekend!).  And this way I have a chance to really try out my seed starting mechanism to make sure seeds germinate, without ruining all my seeds.

Now the hard part…..the waiting.  I was joking around about it with my friend E, who is already organized enough to have started her seeds.  She joked that she’s already checking them everyday.

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