Beginning gardeners work by trowel and error

Put this under the category, yes, I know I’m doing the same things my parents did, and that’s ok.  In this case, it is gardening.

One of my earliest posts was about the garden my parents had as I grew up.  Last year was all about seeing if I could actually grow anything.  If I would have the ability to focus, commit and keep at it to come out with anything.  And I did.  I was coming out of the garden every week with seven (or more) cucumbers.  I was happily freshly picking tomatoes for my salads and scrambled eggs.  I only came out with about 4 peppers, but I used them up.  Our Halloween jack-o-lanterns were supplied by pumpkins I grew.  I did it.  I DID IT!  I really …..  gardened….

snowy garden

snowy garden

Even as the snow is still on the ground, I’m anxious to get at it again this year.  Over this past year, I’ve truly focused on making the food we eat better, whether just home cooked, made from whole, unprocessed (when possible) ingredients, to truly organic.  While making our food has helped our food budget, buying organic ingredients has not.  I hope that I can grow enough food that it will help our food budget.  My friend E reminded me of the costs of gardening, the equipment and such, but I know that I have to be thrifty, so I’m making good use of Pinterest and all the internet has to offer.

Last year I bought plants to start from, to make it a little easier on myself.  This year, I’m starting seeds.  I’ve already put my burpee order in (because that is where my parents ordered their seeds) and I’m anxiously awaiting their arrival.  This weekend, I hope dear husband will help me by building a little place to start my tomato seedlings with a grow light.  After talking through all the plants I’m trying this year with my dad, we agreed that was probably the only seed I needed to start in advance.  So a little grow light and some seed starting mix will be the only materials I hope to buy this year (maybe a soil testing kit and some compost later on).

While putting this all together, I remembered many years ago inheriting a small end table from a great aunt.  In it was a gardening journal.  My family has been gardening for many years – how could I not?  It reminded me of when my father tried to encourage gardening for me as a youngster, and I had a journal and we took measurements and wrote down what I thought would happen.  As I started daydreaming about the journal I would buy for this venture (like I need another journal) I realized I have this fantastic blog :).  So, my dear readers, you’ll likely be hearing about some of my adventures in gardening, if for no other reason, to remember what I did, where I succeeded, where I failed and to help me in what I’ll do next year.

My garden might still be covered with snow, but in a few short months, I hope it will be a bountiful beauty.  And for me, not the groundhog.



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2 Responses to Beginning gardeners work by trowel and error

  1. aviets says:

    Lovely! I’m the world’s worst gardener, but I always look forward to planting a few things every spring. Good for you for doing it for real! 🙂 -Amy

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