The snowstorm arrived at a fortuitous moment – it was white on time

Here’s the story of why I uselessly shoveled out our mailbox, even though we have a snowblower at our disposal.

Mini-ion #2 and snow have not been fast friends.  You may recall my post about our first time playing in the snow.  It didn’t go well.  The next time she wanted to go play in the snow, I got her and her brother dressed.  She barely lasted a minute.  It was pretty disheartening.  Snow is really important to dear husband and I.  We are both avid skiers and were really looking forward to skiing with our mini-ions.

When our recent snowstorm came, dear husband and Mini-ion #1 went out to play.  I was expecting Mini-ion #2 would want to stay in, but, everything #1 can do, #2 can do too (in my head, that’s from Annie Get Your Gun – I can do everything better than you).  So, frustrated, I got her in all of her gear, but barely dressed myself.  After all, we would probably be back in two minutes.  All I threw on were boots (over bare feet), my ski jacket and gloves.  I didn’t even change out of my thin yoga pants.

This time, however, I acted a little differently.  The previous times, I dragged her along on things I wanted to do, like sled riding or making snow angels.  I didn’t give her any space to explore snow on her terms.  This time, I ignored her.  I didn’t let her walk in traffic, but I didn’t try to engage her in any activities.  I let her discover snow.

IMG_4118[1]It worked.  She followed dear husband around while he used the snow blower.  She used the shovel.  She used the dump truck.  She eventually ended on her favorite activity, eating snow.

In the meantime, I was freezing.  No scarf, ear warmer, hat, socks or even warm pants, but not wanting to break the spell, I started shoveling out the mailbox.  Even though dear husband could have done one pass, I needed to do something to keep warm.  Over an hour later, the whole driveway, walkway and mailbox were done.  I asked her if she was ready to go in, she shook her head yes and in we went.

Maybe Maria Montessori and Magda Gerber have it right?


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5 Responses to The snowstorm arrived at a fortuitous moment – it was white on time

  1. Sometimes I think kids just need to take new things at their own pace to learn how to cope with it. You have to admit, the aftermath of a snowstorm can be pretty overwhelming and to a kidlet it must be a bit scary when the snow comes up to your waist or chest.

  2. afourytale says:

    I love your blog! As a mama, I saw the humor and the beauty of you shoveling out the mailbox just to let your little Mini-ion discover snow for herself.

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