One ear of corn said to the other ‘You’re getting husky’

My last post was about our new love affair with popcorn.  When Superbowl came up, I decided to take popcorn to a new level, and bring popcorn and topping choices, to my sister-in-law’s party.

popcorn barI was pretty excited how it turned out.  First, I popped a TON of popcorn.  Once you scooped the popcorn into a bowl, I had two squeezie bottles, one with butter, the other with olive oil.  Following that were five small containers with toppings:

– Parmesan cheese with a little salt mixed in

– Cinnamon and sugar

– Italian seasonings (I used this Italian dressing mix recipe)

– Jerk seasoning (Here’s the jerk seasoning recipe)

– Season salt (and a season salt recipe)

I grew up using butter and season salt.  It was nice to have a little change up.  The cinnamon and sugar option was a surprisingly tasty sweet option, especially against all the other savory options.  Once we get through all the leftover seasonings, I look forward to trying some new ones.

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5 Responses to One ear of corn said to the other ‘You’re getting husky’

  1. Michele says:

    Did you flavor the popcorn you popped with butter and salt while popping or did you leave it plain? This way people could choose their flavor.

  2. librarylady says:

    What a fun idea. Glad there was something good going the not so good game. The cinnamon and sugar sounds yummy.

  3. Jan Davidson says:

    You should have made the pop corn cake

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