When the waiter told me they were out of corn I said, ‘That really shucks.’

I said to Dear Husband, “I think my next blog post will be an ode to our popcorn maker.”  We both thought it was a good idea.  Then I looked up how to write an ode, lost interest, and poured a glass of Jack Daniels Honey.  I’m not going to write an ode to that either, but my love for both are strong right now.

popping popcornThere is something wonderful about a popcorn maker.  Popping popcorn may not right any wrongs, but those wrongs don’t feel as bad when you hear it fill with hot air and start to anticipate.

Popping popcorn may not mend relationships, but in our family, we all seem to be a little nicer to each other with a bowl of freshly popped popcorn in front of us.

It brings such warmth to my heart to use it.  It is the very same popcorn maker that my parents used when I was young.  This popcorn maker popped the popcorn for my first family marathon session of the Star Wars trilogy.  The first ones.  Of the last ones.  You know what I mean.  This popcorn maker was probably also a part of the Wizard of Oz (and the subsequent nights of nightmares), the Rocky movies and many, many other family movie nights.

When I posted a similar picture of this popcorn maker to facebook, my friends erupted in nostalgia.  My friend Shannon commented that she loved sharing joys from her childhood, with her child.  I completely agree.  I was so happy that the mini-ions were as excited and enthused about it as I am now, and as I was as a child.  Some things are as good as when you were young.

For today, we’ll be popping a bunch of popcorn, finding a bunch of recipes for popcorn toppings, and bringing that to the Superbowl party we’re going to tomorrow.  Shhh – don’t tell my sister-in-law :).  Go Broncos!

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2 Responses to When the waiter told me they were out of corn I said, ‘That really shucks.’

  1. MusicianMama says:

    Alas, I believe popcorn DOES mend relationships…and it rights all of the wrongs.

    Great post!

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