Some pigs were sold at auction while they were in a porking lot

Sorry Lon, this is another recipe post. You may just want to read the majority of it.  Although this was a REALLY good recipe.

In November I wrote about cooking up a pork shoulder and being excited about what we would do with the 9lbs of pulled pork over the weekend.  We had pulled pork tacos on Friday night, and Mini-ion #2 puked on me.  On Saturday, we had pork nachos, and I was still feeling good.  By Sunday, though, whatever virus Mini-ion #2 had, was taking me over and our pork adventures were over.

But, a week or two ago, I made another one which we used some of to go bring lunch to dear husband at work.  This time, I packed up the rest of the pork in 1-lb increments and put it in the freezer for future uses.

Flash forward to this past Friday when we had a surprise visitor who just needed a little bit of nurturing.  As one of this person’s favorite foods is pulled pork, I knew this person would be tempted with some pork and some of my freshly made bread.

A few months ago, we were at a friend’s house and she made these delicious open faced venison, texas toast based sandwiches, what was really my inspiration for the nurturing delicacy – Open Faced Pulled Pork Sandwiches.

Open face pulled pork sandwichSo delicious with not a vegetable in sight.  I took thick slices of white bread and toasted them in the oven until they were just starting to brown. I took a piece of garlic and rubbed it over each of the 6 slices of bread.  I heated up the 1-lb container of pork I had with a couple of squeezes of bbq sauce (dear husband doesn’t like saucy pork).  I divided up the lb of pork over the six pieces of bread.  Topped with a slice and a half of muenster cheese, then put under the broiler until melted and starting to brown.

Delish (as Mini-ion #1 would say).  Hearts were warmed, moods were lifted.  And another use for pulled pork was found!

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