A sailor has ties to home but is knot there often

I admit it.  I’m a plastic bag junkie.

I blame this on my mom.  There was always a bag of bags.  Back then, the bag was much smaller because you could be getting plastic or paper more regularly.  The bags were very useful and useful things you saved.  In fact, I saved many things my parents saved, without knowing why I saved them, because they saved them.  Like bacon grease.  I used to save that, then finally dear husband broke me down and I realized I had no idea why I was saving it, it was just what you do.

My saving of plastic bags is epic.  Sure, I use them, but at no where near the quantity that I save them.  And I have the eco friendly grocery bags, I just always forget to bring them to the store.  Some days, I’m just happy to have made it to the store with my wallet and mini-ions (my favorite lady at BJ’s let me know both shoes were untied, I said I just hadn’t had time to tie them yet, as I was walking out of the store).  I aspire to get there, to at least use the collection of eco friendly grocery bags that I have growing in another part of my house.

Ever since I was at our local craft village and saw a tote bag made of plastic shopping bags for $70 (holy crap!  did they make the yarn themselves?  oh yeah, they did), I’ve been itching to do it myself.  I got out my box of bags (after I filled my giant tube of bags, I had to then fill a giant k-cup box with bags) and found directions for making plarn.  I do like making up new words myself, but this word someone made up before me – plastic yarn.

making plarnThe directions I found most helpful were here.  And there is some phenomena around using plastic bags for crafts as that is what this entire website is about (and really makes me want to learn how to crochet).  I made this image as this was what really helped me understand how to make it.  And it is super easy (and calming to do when the mini-ions are insisting I sit with them on the couch).

1 – Open up a plastic bag, fold it in half.

2 – Fold it in half again.

3 – Cut off the top handles and the bottom seam.

4 – Cut the rest of the bag into segments.

the plarn knot5 – Take two segments and knot one into the other (the way price tags are sometimes held in place on tags, with the yarn knotted through a loop).  Here’s a close-up to try to help.


6 – Continue knotting until you have enough plarn.

I think my first project will be a bag of some sort, hopefully completed in time for my next blog post!  I’ll probably use a loom because I know I can do that quickly.  I’m looking forward to more plarn projects and getting through my box (and maybe even my bag) of bags.


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10 Responses to A sailor has ties to home but is knot there often

  1. Jan Davidson says:

    Ask me sometime why I saved those things, I’ll tell you the reasons 🙂

  2. Jan Davidson says:

    Oh, I even have a crochet hook big enough to use on the bags *grin*.

  3. Jan Moyer says:

    Cool Whip containers. My mom saved a crazy amount of Cool Whip containers. Wonder you could make with those?

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