When bungee jumping never ask anyone to cut you some slack

How many horror stories have you heard in the last two years of moms that heard, “uh oh” in the other room that turned out to be hair inexpertly cut with scissors?  This has lead me to never want to give the mini-ions scissors.  I personally was responsible for instilling that kind of fear to my mom, well past an age when I should have known better.

Hscissor practiceowever, you can’t keep your mini-ions in a bubble (I’m told), so it was with a deep breath (and a question of my personal sanity) that I bought scissors for the mini-ions.

Mini-ion #1 took to them immediately.  He jumped right in to cutting like a pro.  All this time I’ve been holding him back (again)!  I wanted to try out this brand in advance of buying them for our upcoming playgroup and so far the Fiskars scissors are the way to go.

I started him with some free printables from this very lovely site with a Free Cut It Out Pack.  Looking around her site, she also has a great series for teaching reading, which I think we’ll start after Mini-ion #1’s 4th birthday in a couple of months.  I can’t say enough great things about what I’ve seen on her site, if you have some time, check it out.  It warmly reinforced my decision to homeschool preschool and kindergarten for the mini-ions.

Eventually Mini-ion #1 was less interested in cutting on the dotted lines and more interested in just cutting.  I was happy to let him cut because it seems to me like he just needs to practice those muscles in general.  I haven’t been daring enough to do it yet with Mini-ion #2, but we will soon.

It is a good feeling that I’m living up to my hopes for 2014 of not letting my fears of disaster or mess hold back the mini-ions.  It is hard to take a leap, each time.  To make these tools available for their creativity, but I feel in the long run, it makes all of us better.  I guess we’ll all just keep pushing each other.

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4 Responses to When bungee jumping never ask anyone to cut you some slack

  1. Thank you for your kind words about my blog and Cut it Out! Pack. Glad you and your little one enjoyed doing it together.

  2. Jan Moyer says:

    At this very moment our littles are busy painting and I’m not worrying about mixed paint pots or spills on the table. It’s very freeing. And in our family, I’m the one okay with craft messes, not Bearded Husband who is at home this year.

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