The portrait artist made extra money as a census taker. He was good at canvasing people

I’m taking a little break from the bone broth bandwagon while I work on some recipes.  But, let me say, we’re still healthy.  Four days of healthiness – that might be our newest record this winter.  Despite the mini-ions strike on sleeping.

I was a little anxious today because it was the first time in a while we didn’t have anything planned.  No playdates, no shopping, projects.  There were no “big things” I needed to complete today (which ended up being great because we had a big time nap strike).  We could just…….play.

As we’re having breakfast, already Mini-ion #1 is peppering me, “who is coming over?”, “who’s house are we going to?”, “wwwwhhhhhyyyy?”.  Suddenly I remembered these burlap canvases I had bought one a big sale a while ago that I hadn’t figured out what to do with them.

Amazingly, once they finished eating breakfast, the mini-ions started playing, which is the only why I was able to complete the prep on our impromptu burlap canvas painting.  Typically I wouldn’t really be about a “pretty picture” project, but more a project that just invites them to explore materials.  But, this day, I wanted a pretty picture.  I also wouldn’t generally be a big fan of a project that required as much prep, but since the mini-ions were busy, I had the opportunity to do what I wanted to do.

burlap letter prepI think there is a formal name for this, but I’ll just call it burlap painting.  I started by using masking tape and taping down the area that would be painted (in this case, the letter “M”).  I then surrounded the area that would be taped with painters tape.  I tried to skip the masking tape step and just “freehand” tape with the painters tape, but it was turning into a hot mess.  It is important to make sure, especially when doing some of the angles, to get the painters tape just under the masking tape.  It makes it a lot easier when pulling up the masking tape.  I put out a plate with some paint blobs and paint brush and let them get to work.


painting on burlapThe mini-ions surprised me in their abilities today.  Mini-ion #1 was a bit more precise in his painting than I’ve seen him be before.  He cared a little bit about the lines and filling in the space.  He wasn’t just flinging paint on like he used to.

Mini-ion #2 surprised me as well.  She had always been a bit more delicate about her paint application, almost shy even.  Not today, she was slopping it in an excited frenzy.  Her eyes were wild, her movements were quick, she really jumped into it.

I was really happy to see them both move into this next phase of their art development.  Following the painting, they were both very interested in more creativity, which led to Mini-ion #2’s first colored pencil masterpiece and Mini-ion #1 pulling out the scissors and expertly free-hand cutting straight lines on a page, then gluing them down on a piece of paper.  I had no idea he could use scissors, let alone so well.  There will definitely be more scissor projects in his future.

It ended up being a pretty great morning.  Both mini-ions were so invested in what they were doing in our little craft area that I had to remind them about lunch.  That never happens!!

burlap tape paintingAnd, the burlap paintings?  Turned out way better than I expected.  You can see where Mini-ion #1 was heavier with the blue, when he was really practicing on filling the space.

These mini-ions sure do surprise me!





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