If you eat soup that’s nine days old you will get bad broth

I promised uses for bone broth and my first one is for rice.  Did you know you can make and freeze rice?  I’m not kidding.  Let me say this again.  You can make a huge batch of that 45-50 minute super nutritious long grain or brown rice and freeze and it will heat up as quickly as the 5 minute white rice you didn’t want to eat but didn’t have time to cook the good stuff.

I know.  Mind blown.  Mine was when I found this link about it.

Recently I had made some 5 minute white rice for the mini-ions because it was what I could convince Mini-ion #1 to eat that wasn’t chicken nuggets.  And I hated it because I realized what a lost opportunity this was.  That was when I really vowed (VOWED!) to get on the bone broth bandwagon.  Because I thought bone broth could be so easy and affordable to make that you wouldn’t mind cooking your rice in it, pumping up the nutritional value and making the most of that food.

bone broth riceCooking my rice in bone broth was Bone Broth Bandwagon Act #1.  Then freezing it in 2-cup bags.  Already, it has been so easy to use.  Already, the mini-ions, next time they requested rice, didn’t get the 5 minute white rice, but the nutritiously enhanced, bone broth brown rice.   They were fine with it, I was able to get it to them faster than 5 minute rice and both parties were happy.

I’m not sure how many more Bone Broth Bandwagon Acts I’ll have, but I’m looking forward to trying to have a bunch!  As of right now, this family is healthy, with the addition of yogurt and bone broth, let’s see how long we can keep this going!


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4 Responses to If you eat soup that’s nine days old you will get bad broth

  1. I’m so glad you reminded me about the rice. Scared about the soup in case I turn into a Neanderthal, though. But a naturopath recommended it to my daughter, and I should bite the bullet. 🙂

    • I was already making my own chicken stock so once I realized how easy this was, it was a no brainer. I also get a good feeling, like I’ve made the food that I eat with bine broth, a super food. A little nerdy, but hey, whatever gets me there…,,

  2. mangiapaleo says:

    Thanks for including my recipe! 🙂

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