The little green men told me it was the Dog Star. I told them they can’t be Sirius

I’m so tired of being sick!  Mini-ion #2 has spent close to half of her life with one sickness or another.  I think she spent 3 days of December without a drippy nose.  I get it, it is good for all of us to build up immunities, but really?  Does it have to be this constant?

I’m on a quest to do something about it.  First step is getting those valuable probiotics in all of us.  I’ve decided to start with green smoothies and they are DELICIOUS!

smoothie ingredientsI’ve set some parameters with any healthier eating initiatives I’m starting.  It has to be easy.  It has to be cost effective.  It has to be tasty.  It can not require any more additional equipment.

My first stab at green smoothies is two spoonfuls of Chobani non-fat vanilla greek yogurt, a big handful of spinach, a half of an avocado, a couple of splashes of water and about a half cup of frozen blueberries.  I blended it with my Cuisinart Immersion blender (which is one of my favorite things).  It has its own cup, so I just blend and eat it out of that.  I’m not doing drinking smoothies, I prefer them thicker so I have the experience of eating them with a spoon.  The taste is almost buttery with a hint of blueberries.  I don’t taste the spinach at all.  I don’t taste the “greekness” of the yogurt.  It’s just…..good!

I’m hard pressed to change my “recipe” because I think the fundamentals of spinach, yogurt and avocado are critical.  Plus blueberries are tasty and tremendously healthy.  I guess if I get tired of this combination, I’ll start to branch out, but this is my go-to for now.

I haven’t convinced the mini-ions to eat a smoothie (yet), but I have been able to successfully incorporate yogurt into their breakfast routine.  The first time convincing Mini-ion #1 was a little rocky, but once I got him to try it, he ate three bowlfuls.  And, I like the plastic tops – I think I might use them to make alphabet stencils for the mini-ions to practice their letters.  We’ll see how that works.  Dear husband, know this – I’m heading for you next!


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4 Responses to The little green men told me it was the Dog Star. I told them they can’t be Sirius

  1. librarylady says:

    Good to hear from you again. I’ve missed your crazy post titles. I keep thinking about doing the green smoothis thing. Yours sounds like a good recipe, maybe I’ll try it

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