New years resolution for the bankrupt gardener was to forget the past and rely on the fuchsia

Hello my dear lovely blog!  I’ve missed you the last couple of days.  I’ve had all sorts of blog post ideas to write, but simply no time.  A head cold has required me to sleep in (to 7am) instead of getting up for some “me time” (at 5am).  I’ve missed the “me time” as well.  The mini-ions haven’t enjoyed my head cold either, unfortunately.  Doesn’t it always seem like when you have the most going on, your children seem to sense it, and require the most from you?  Such has been the way at our household, so I’ve been laying aside some of the things I wanted to do to help the mini-ions through this adjustment.

I have the feeling that having dear husband home off and on with the holidays has been confusing to them.  Add in the utter abundance of bad food they covet (and I try to limit) and we’re talking frequent meltdowns.  Slowly but surely, we’re getting all the cookies and snacks out of the house and we’ll all be back to the regular options of fruit or fruit for snacks and I think the joy will start to come back in my mini-ions eyes.

As this is January 1st, the 1st day to start breaking resolutions, I don’t choose to make resolutions, but instead things I’m looking forward to doing (and you reading) in 2014.

  • I believe I’ll be full-on starting and leading a Montessori inspired playgroup in my community.  I’ll write about how I’m doing it and what I’m doing.  I’ve fought to not lead it, but it seems it wants me, so I’ll embrace it!
  • I want to expand my cooking repertoire.  I want to find more recipes that are healthy-ish, that can fill a freezer, that aren’t cost prohibitive, that use all real ingredients.
  • I also want to practice with my ravioli maker and meat grinder I got for Christmas
  • I want to give the mini-ions more opportunities to expand their creativity, even when this takes me out of my comfort zone.  They already are making use of the little art area I’ve made for them.  I hope to expand it more and give them more space to have fun.
  • Ok, one resolution.  I’d like to be able to run a 5k this year, even if it is on the treadmill.  But to be able to run the whole thing.

Don’t worry, dear friends.  My dear husband will appreciate it all, but still wish I had a chance to get the crumbs off the table.

Happy New Year!

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4 Responses to New years resolution for the bankrupt gardener was to forget the past and rely on the fuchsia

  1. Thanks for the pingback! And your 5km run ‘resolution’ has inspired me. I’ve resisted treadmills for years but have lately found that listening to energising music I can get to 3km, so why not 5km? All the best with the Montessori inspired playgroup. 🙂

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