With only one piece of wood, I tried to convince the fire to light by use of a monologue

Ahh, the smell of fall brings the smell of fires.  Don’t you just love the smell of a wood-burning fire?  Our house has this super woodstove that the previous owners told us could heat the whole house!  I don’t know if I found that to be true last year, but we really enjoyed having fires.  It’s just getting to be fire season here and I’m looking forward to it.

One of the problems with fires is lighting them.  But it doesn’t have to be.  With fire starters.  And these are super easy to make.

IMG_3791[1]I started with a bag of lint, cloves and some paper towel and toilet paper holders.  I loosely stuffed the toilet paper holders (or cut the paper towel holders in half and stuffed them) with lint and sprinklings of cloves.

IMG_3794[1]I then pulled out some scrap brown paper and twine I had laying around the house.  However, whenever brown paper appears, so do art materials.  Obviously, the brown paper needed to be decorated.  And saved (which was a little troubling based on the next step).

Next, I wrapped the stuffed tp holder in the brown paper and tied the ends with twine, like a hard candy.

IMG_3795[1]These worked perfectly for our next fire.  I just put two under a stack of kindling and they lit right up.  There wasn’t a strong clove smell, I may try cinnamon sticks in the future to give more of an interesting smell.  They may find themselves going out as gifts to a few fireplace people I know!

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