Remodeling a kitchen is counter intuitive

I’ve talked before about the Montessori-ish preschool I’m doing in the basement.  While I’m not Montessori licensed, or even teaching licensed, I’m just trying to take advantage of the loads of free information available online to give my mini-ions the best head start I can.  A friend and I are doing it together, she takes one day, I take another.

Recently, my church was interested in reaching out to the community for some new programs.  The Vestry member in charge started a committee (isn’t that how all stories start out?), added myself and another woman to his committee and encouraged us to bring him our craziest ideas.

Mine?  What if we started our own Montessori preschool?  What if we could take down the financial barrier to children in our community to take advantage of this type of education?  What if we could give the children of our community a positive, fun base to learning?

And, for me, what if I could give my children the foundation of a Montessori start that I never thought we could afford?

The other woman in our committee, fortunately, is very passionate about Montessori and agreed to help me (by help me, I mean lead it).  We thought we would start small with a Montessori-styled playgroup, and go from there.

We’ve just spent an intense month of preparation.  At times, I’ll admit, I didn’t know if we could do it.  The other woman, whom I’ll refer to as M, had the most amazing friend at Melissa and Doug (yes, that Melissa and Doug) who donated an amazing amount of toys.

IMG_3775[1]One of the toys is this fantastic kitchen.  As we were setting up the toys, M offered that one of the guys of the church could set it up.  I said, “No!  I can do it.”

Over two days (in my defense, Mini-ion #2 was crawling all over me on the first day) I set up that kitchen.  And it felt good.  It became almost a symbol to me.  A symbol of I can.  I can set up this kitchen.  I can help set up this playgroup.  I can help my mini-ions get the right start.  I am empowered to be the change I want to see.

We had our first playgroup this week.  It went great.  I know that M and I had many sleepless nights in advance of it, but it went great.  *sigh* For today, I’ll go back to the enjoyment of being a mom, tomorrow is another day of trying to be the change.

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